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I’m still breathing, still here. Alive and well. Grateful for another day, another chance to laugh, love, give and receive. Blessed to do what I love and spend my time only doing what brings me joy. Today I choose to live in the moment and have fun wherever I go, in whatever I’m doing, whoever I’m with! Life is good.

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DIY customize your shoes. Fun stuff

DIY customize your shoes. Fun stuff


Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid Architects

The Galaxy Soho complex by Zaha Hadid Architects stands in central Beijing and is a 330.000 m2 office, retail and entertainment complex that will become an integral part of the living city, inspired by the grand scale of Beijing. [Via Dejoost]

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DIY custom wedding shoes…have fun with it. 

DIY custom wedding shoes…have fun with it. 

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Here’s to a little more magic :)

Produced by Jim Chuchu.

Here’s to those happy childhood memories.

Produced by Mbithi Masya.
Special thanks to Kevin(2) Maina and Jim Chuchu.
Additional vocals by Kevin(2) Maina.

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Playa Painting- Expansion

Andres Amador Arts

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Floating Origami by Mabona Origami

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